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Chicago Tandem Gas-Heated Flatwork Finishing Information
Item Number1253
MachineChicago Tandem Gas-Heated Flatwork Finishing
DescriptionThe Tandem Gas 14 is a one piece unit that will dry, iron and fold flatwork. Model # TG-14 1103P Serial # SN40663 - Usable cylinder length 110" (280cm) - Electrical Voltage AC 3-Phase 208/230/360/460/550 - Total Current Amp 8.2/7.5/4.9/3.8/3.1 - Frequency (Hz) 50/60 - Gas Inlet Size 1" - Maximum Gas Input per Hr (BTU) 250,000 - Average Gas Input per Hr. (BTU) 137,500 - Motors: Drive 1/2HP, Combustion blower 1/3HP, Exhaust blower 1 HP - Production Variable Speed Drive Output (feet per minute) Min 10: Max 28 - Operating temperature range 200-400F - Canopy air discharge (CFM) (at 1" SP) and vent diameter 10" - Dimensions with front shelf, L146"x W50" x H87" - Approximate Wt: 2600 ** A complete instruction manual is included. New ribbons have been installed. You will find this machine in Excellent working order.
Chicago Tandem Gas-Heated Flatwork Finishing

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